How We Help

ZENtelligent takes a holistic view of your systems to ascertain what actions may streamline your processes and make the day-to-day running of your business easier and more reliable.

What can we take off your shoulders today?

We think it’s more important to talk about what problems we can help solve rather than just list the technologies and code languages we know (and there are many!). Here are areas where we can be immediately helpful. Reach out to chat about any that matter to you today.

Software Development

  • Custom software development
  • Integration of software into new or existing systems
  • Consulting services

Website Design & Development

  • Create and/or improve your business internet presence
  • Setup and configuration of e-commerce
  • Put you in front of your target audience (SEO)
  • Make web related business decisions faster based on our extended experience
  • Domain name registration/renewal and hosting
  • SSL Certificate registration/renewal

App Development & Maintenance

  • Design/develop/maintain your apps
  • Extend your business by putting it in the hands of mobile users
  • Increase productivity by letting you take your business functions with you
  • Create anywhere and anytime productivity and access

Information Technology

  • Manage your local network
  • Maintain and upgrade workstations (Local only)
  • Troubleshoot workstation/network problems (Local only)
  • Convert manual office tasks to automated tasks
  • Server management/maintenance

Ready to start with us?

We’re here to help make sure this is an amazing and peaceful journey for you.